TI-3255 Balanced Class D Amplifier

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TI-3255 Balanced Class D Amplifier
TI-3255 Balanced and Single Ended Class D Audio Power Amplifier

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TI-3255 Balanced and Single Ended Class D Audio Power Amplifier

This is our new TI (Texas Instruments) Class D power amplifier module based on the TPA3255. Our version of this amp features a super high quality 4 layer PCB with gold plating. We're using very high quality components in this amplifier. Features analog balanced and single ended inputs, adjustable clock, stereo or bridge mode, and a hybrid feedback design.

TPA3255 is a high performance class-D power amplifier that enables true premium sound quality
with class-D efficiency. It features an advanced integrated feedback design and proprietary highspeed gate driver error correction (PurePath™ UltraHD). This technology allows ultra low distortion across the audio band and superior audio quality. The device is operated in AD-mode, and can drive up
to 2 x 315 W into 4-Ω load at 10% THD and 2 x 150 W unclipped into 8-Ω load and features a 2 VRMS
analog input interface that works seamlessly with high performance DACs such as TI's PCM5242. In
addition to excellent audio performance.

Total Output Power at 10%THD+N – 315-W Stereo into 4 Ω in BTL Configuration – 185-W Stereo into 8 Ω in BTL Configuration – 600-W Mono into 2 Ω in PBTL Configuration • Total Output Power at 1%THD+N – 260-W Stereo into 4 Ω in BTL Configuration – 150-W Stereo into 8 Ω in BTL Configuration – 480-W Mono into 2 Ω in PBTL Configuration • Advanced Integrated Feedback Design with Highspeed Gate Driver Error Correction (PurePath™ Ultra-HD) – Signal Bandwidth up to 100 kHz for High Frequency Content From HD Sources – Ultra Low 0.006% THD+N at 1 W into 4 Ω and <0.01% THD+N to Clipping – >65 dB PSRR (BTL, 1 kHz, No Input Signal) – <85 µV (A-Weighted) Output Noise – >111 dB (A Weighted) SNR • Multiple Configurations Possible: – Stereo, Mono, 2.1 and 4xSE • Click and Pop Free Startup and Stop • 90% Efficient Class-D Operation (4 Ω) • Wide 18-V to 53.5V Supply Voltage Operation • Self-Protection Design (Including Undervoltage, Overtemperature, Clipping, and Short Circuit Protection) With Error Reporting

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