Mini GaN 5 Balanced Power Amplifier

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Mini GaN 5 Balanced Power Amplifier

Mini GaN 5 Balanced Power Amplifier

This is our new Gallium Nitride based amplifer. It is being sold under our outher company name "premium Audio Products" but can also be purchased here through our Class D Audio site.

Latest Customer Feedback...

"Bravo!   Well done team!  I have just spent 20min with this amp and I am already in love!   Vast beautiful detailed and layered sound and more power than I imagined.  I am seriously flabbergasted that this puts 100lb monster amps to shame! Wow! -Daryl in Irvine, CA"


We added a few photos showing some of the specs of this amazing little amp. You will see it putting out 600W RMS Into 8 Ohms at 0.01% THD+N - Right and Left Channel. You can see 1KHz and 1W with 0.006% THD+N with No Weighting, and 0.004% THD+N with A Weighting. We're still putting specs and documentation together for this amp, but wanted to show what it's capabilities.

Introductory Pricing is $699.00. Here is our NEW Mini GaN 5 - 2 Channel Gallium Nitride Balanced audio power amplifier. More Info to come. Power for this model is 200W RMS per channel into 8 ohms. this little amp is a power house and can easily drive tough loads like Magnepan and other speakers with ease. Also drives 4 ohm and even 2 ohm speakers (final power numbers will be posted soon). This is a really impressive amplifier! THD+N is about .006%. Three Position Gain - Low Gain = 26db, Medium = 28 db, and High = 32 db. Final specs and information coming soon. You can see the size of this compared to our full size GaN Amp. Measures 9 3/4" wide X 7" deep X 1 3/4" high. Built like a tank and weighing 4.3 pounds. Shipping Now! Ship time is 3 to 5 business days from when order is placed.

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