Studio Mastering Audio Amplifier

Studio Mastering Audio Amplifier
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Price: $645.00
Product ID : SDS Studio Rack
Manufacturer: Class D Audio USA
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Complete custom built Studio Mastering Audio Amplifier featuring a modified versaion of our SDS-254 Class D Audio amplifier. 125W RMS X 2 into 8 Ohm and 250W RMS X 2 into 4 Ohm, also can be bridged into a single channel amp providing 500W RMS X 1 into 8 ohm. Single ended inputs, balanced inputs, rear mounted gain controls and more.. Our newly designed case with mini-textured powder-coat finish and brushed anodize front in either black or silver. This amplifier features one of the finest balanced XLR input stages available and also single ended RCA jacks. Either of these inputs can be selected by a switch on the back of the amplifier. You will also see it has adjustable gain control for each channel that are also front mounted. These can be used to adjust the amp to match output of your other equipment such as matching to the sweet spot of your preamp. They can also be used to setup and balance your room for best performance. Size is standard 2U rack mount case, or our standard desktop style in either black or silver brushed aluminum. Desk style case is 12" X 13" X 3.5". Shipping weight 20 pounds.

Model Studio Mastering Amplifier
Number Of Channels 2
RMS Power Per Channel 8 Ohms 125W RMS X 2
RMS Power Per Channel 4 Ohms 250W RMS X 2
RMS Power in Bridge Mode 500W Into 8 Ohm Only
Input Sensitivity 2V
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Better than .02% (normal listening is about .003%)
Frequency Response 10hZ to 35KHz
Input Impedance RCA 10K
Input Impedance XLR 45K
Voltage Gain for RCA Input Adjustable
Voltage Gain for XLR Input Adjustable
Power Requirements 110VAC or 230VAC
Dimensions (W x H x D) Inches Standard 2U Rack Mount Case
Dimensions (W x H x D) Millimeters Standard 2U Rack Mount Case
Product Weight (lbs/kg) 18/  8.2
Shipping Weight (lbs/kg) 20/ 9.1
Manufacturer Class D Audio

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Reviewed by customer
08/15/2016 - 01:54:14 PM
Truly outstanding at any price
I bought this as a backup for my Antique Sound Lab Monsoons (8-el34s per side) I have modified them with teflon caps in the signal path. These are $5k/pr. I have now replaced them with the Spiral Groove amp. The ASLs have become the backup. I have a number of cds which I engineered while I was managing NPR stations and have never heard them reproduced so well as with this amp. It is truly world class and of mastering quality. It would be a bargain at ten times the price. It is astonishing at $600. Do not hesitate. For those who need to know, the rest of my system consists of a Tascam CD200 pro cd player, this drives an Audio Gd Digital interface (version 2) which in turn drives an Anedio D2 DAC. This drives the amp directly thru custom Belden all teflon balanced cables. The speakers are Paradigm S1v3s (the poor mans Magico) The system is about as transparent as possible with short interconnects and cables. I am a real purist with two channel and find this to be the finest amp I have yet heard. Thanks Tom for such a superior product and at a bargain basement price. I already have several friends who are purchasing other of your amps.

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