Overall Rating: 99.15%
Average Rating: 9.92/10
"Just wanted to thank you for such an great sounding amp."
"Tom...just wanted to let you know I'm thrilled with my 470...fabulous amp at any price...thanks!"
"I finally got the parts to finish the amp...sounds great with my Magnepans!!! I'll get a direct to disc playing on there in the next couple of days and I will place a comment (rave review) on your web-site!!!"
"I had a good listen to the Amp the last two days , for around 6 Hours and I'm very impressed with the sound . My Marantz PM11S2 I thought was very good , but the SDS 440 blow me away , everything was much better then I ever heard before , from the top to the bass amazing detailed never heard the bass so controlled and the hights so open and clear, wonderful . Have to listen a bit more and I will write a Review on your site , just please , my english is not perfect .

To understand where I coming from, HiFi is my hobby since 1980 and and in that time I had Mac Intosh , Audio Reserch , Theta , Accuphase ect and various Speaker , but I never had a better sound as now with your Power Amp . Before I decided to buy your Amp I was ready to buy the Marantz Power Amp SM11s1 ,AU $ 8000.00 ( everything is very expansive in Australia) I was listen too it and find not a big difference to what I had , then I searched and found your site, been reading Reviews from other Class D Amps before and found them overpriced , but decided to buy yours not because Price and Im more then happy now , thank you Tom."
"As you maybe remember I've bought a good second hand Audiolab 8000P in very good condition.

Pre/pro I use is the Marantz AV7005, I use a Logitech SB with a Marantz NA7004 as DAC in between some Audio Quest and Apogee cabling and an upgraded Power supply for the SB.

My current speakers are the new Wharfedale Jade 1’s with the Wharfedale stands, very good speakers but with a low 86 Spl/w and some low R issues...

Well and now for the difference between the Audiolab and your Amp....

Even straight from the box it is a very big leap forward from the Audiolab, sounds like you did some tech magic wow..

Effortless power, wide and deep sound-stage and the high’s and mid’s are much cleaner than the Audiolab, with a lot of details, you get wrapped in sound and the trap is that you want to turn up the volume too much

Even the low Spl of the Wharfedales is no problem at all.....

Forgot to mention that the bass is very easy to follow and goes way deeper (without any boom) than the Audiolab.

In short, I forgot the waiting and could only say I would do it again as I know now that this is a Hi End bargain of the year

Veryyyyy happy with the Amp, my congratulations for the design and build, you did some things outstanding."

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