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Price: $495.00
Product ID : CDA-250C
Manufacturer: Class D Audio USA
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CDA-250C Class D Audio Power Amplifier featuring one of our NEW Enclosures. All top of the line components. Size: 12" X 12" X 3.5". Shipping Weight: 20 Pounds. Using amplifier model CDA-254L.

Model CDA-250C
Number Of Channels 2
RMS Power Per Channel 8 Ohms 125W RMS X 2
RMS Power Per Channel 4 Ohms 250W RMS X 2
RMS Power in Bridge Mode 500W Into 8 Ohm Only
Input Sensitivity 2V
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Better than .02% (normal listening is about .003%)
Frequency Response 10hZ to 35KHz
Input Impedance RCA 10K
Input Impedance XLR N/A
Voltage Gain for RCA Input 30
Voltage Gain for XLR Input N/A
Power Requirements 110VAC or 230VAC
Dimensions (W x H x D) Inches 12" X 3.5" X 13"
Dimensions (W x H x D) Millimeters 304.8 X 89 X 331.5
Product Weight (lbs/kg) 17
Shipping Weight (lbs/kg) 19
Manufacturer Class D Audio

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by customer
08/15/2016 - 11:21:10 AM
Just what I was looking for
I bought a pair of Totem Dreamcatcher speakers two weeks ago and the next day the right channel went out on my vintage Yamaha CR 1020 receiver. I found an excellent condition Adcom GTP 400 on an auction site and ordered a CDA 250C to pair with it. My source is my Mac Mini feeding an Arcam rDAC. I'm using the Totems as near field monitors in my home office. They're 4 ohm speakers and not particularly efficient. Some people may think 250 wpc is overkill in a 12x13 room, but I hate it when amps clip and this has plenty of headroom to prevent such behavior.

My amp arrived this afternoon and I've been listening to it for about six hours. Straight out of the box it beat my Yamaha (100 wpc into 4 ohms) as it should. The sound is clean and the amp has enough to power to get all the bass these little speakers can deliver, and they have a surprising amount of bottom end for such small boxes. The Yamaha sounded good, but the treble seemed a bit bright because the bass wasn't as good. I got the Yamaha repaired, and will keep it as a backup. This Class D Audio amp is a keeper.
Reviewed by customer
08/15/2016 - 11:20:31 AM
Best power amp I've heard in 15 years of audiophile hobby
I purchased a complete class D audio power amp and I have to say it bettered a Rotel, VincentTAC hibrids and ss, T+A (german), Exposure (UK), Marantz, Primaluna by a noticeable gain in transparency, taught bass, and even warm.<br /> best audio purchase since my transformer-volume-control .<br /> Toni

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